Afsana Press is an independent publisher for literary work of authors whose stories have a direct relation with current global social, political, environmental or cultural issues. Stories that mater.

Although based in Britain, we are promoting literature from anywhere in the world, as long as the theme deals with relevant issues of our time, even though rooted in the past. We are open to genre fiction if the stories relate to this vision.

Practically, the aim of Afsana Press is to become a platform for authors who are passionate about writing and the literary aspect of writing. We would love to embrace various literary forms, such as novels, short stories, poetry, memoir and literary non-fiction.

Started by Goran Baba Ali, Afsana Press was established in 2010 in Amsterdam to support and publish writers in Kurdish. It was there that Goran published his novella The Man who was a Tree and the novel The Ocean of the White Coffins by Kurdish writer and theatre director Rizgar Hama Rashid. Since June 2021, Afsana Press is a London based publishing company that focuses on publishing English language books.

The aim of Afsana Press is to form a collective of authors who would like to support each other in profiling their literary work. We will support you through the process, from editorial to launch, but we are not a hybrid publisher or a publishing service. We ask that authors retain responsibility for editing and proofing their manuscript, as well as cover design and printing expenses. In return for publishing with Afsana Press we will typeset your book and prepare it for publication, arrange distribution and undertake marketing and promotion in collaboration with our other authors. Authors will retain full rights of their work in any format.

Any writer can submit to Afsana Press. All we ask is that you send a well-edited, polished manuscript. Please look at other titles we’ve published before you submit and make sure that your story is one that fits our collective and the issues of today. Importantly we ask that authors should be willing to play a role in our collective, by providing support, advice and help to other writers along the way. For more guidelines, please visit the Submissions section on this website.

The team:


Goran Baba Ali


Marketing & publicity:

Miki Lentin



Aleksandra Markovic



Ahmed Sabri



The publication of our first book, The Glass Wall, is sponsored by Simko Dauwdy, Sarwar Gharib, the news outlet INSIGHT, and the Euro Supermarket in Coventry.


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