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Short stories by Miki Lentin
Death, anxiety, masculinity, family and children, social good and rocks. All things that touch the life of a middle-aged man. In these stories, written over the past two years, Miki Lentin goes in search of a rock with his child in Ireland, travels to Istanbul with his wife while sleep-deprived, recounts memories of working and growing up in Dublin and explores what it means to do good in society today. All told with Lentin’s minimalist tone, Inner Core portrays his life on the edge.
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A novel by Goran Baba Ali
The tale of a teenage refugee who must relive the pain of his past to enter the land waiting behind a glass wall.

Will his story be convincing enough to guarantee his safety?
A story of struggle and persecution but abundant in hope, The Glass Wall is a clear-eyed, emotionally-honest account of displaced people – illustrating the true hardship that refugees experience.

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A novel by Choman Hardi
The U.S. invasion of Iraq is looming. Three siblings – two in London, one in Sulaimanya – recall their troubled past. Stories of war, displacement, and coming to terms with the tragedies of a Kurdish family, all told from their different perspectives. Torn between two countries and various histories, they are dealing with their life choices and the mystery of their sister’s suicide 22 years ago. However, it is also a story of love, affection and hope, with an optimistic view of the future.

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